Communications & Public Affairs

The City of Victoria places a high priority on consistently informing, engaging and connecting residents with their city government in new and modern ways. Communications & Public Affairs helps advance the mission through various means, with the end goal of creating positive, productive associations between local government and its residents. 

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Services to the Community

  • Breaking News 
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  • TV15 - Original programming related to City events, news and issues, streamed online and broadcast on the government cable station, TV15 channels 15 and 115, which is also streamed live and publicly available at no cost at
  • Citizens Academy - An annual free, 4-week educational program available to our residents. Apply today
  • Website - The City's official website provides information, applications, forms and interactive features, such as maps. 
  • Social Media - One prime method of keeping our residents informed is through our social media channels - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, NextDoor and YouTube. Follow us by clicking on the social media icon graphics at the bottom of this page. 
  • Crisis Communications - In times of crisis or disaster, Communications & Public Affairs serves Victoria's Office Of Emergency Management as the City's Public Information Office. 
  • Other Services include print pieces, such as brochures, signage and our annual Budget Flyer following each year's budget adoption, as well as internal support services promoting other departments' information and events through writing, video, graphic methods and the like. 


  • Social Media: We wish to promote effective communication and maintain a respectful dialogue in the social sphere. In that spirit, our commenting and moderation rules will maintain a productive and limited open forum for community discussion. Our social media channels are intended for community discussion among Victoria residents. 
  • TV15 Cable Broadcasts: Victoria’s VTV15 permits programming intended to inform, educate, engage and encourage citizen participation in local government and community services. Eligible programming includes information promoting community events and services, emergency information, public safety information, VISD news, and public service announcements from non-profit organizations based in Victoria.

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