The Finance Department is responsible for the financial administration of the City. 

Its functions include:

  • All accounting, auditing, financial reporting, internal controls, operating and capital budgeting
  • The annual presentation of budget documents to the City Council
  • Budget preparation, coordination, and monitoring
  • Payment of all invoices
  • Providing for centralized cash receipts and accounts payable
  • Purchasing goods and services on behalf of the City
  • Recording and documenting all financial transactions, expenditures control, revenue management, cash and investment management, and asset and debt management.


The Finance Department also provides management, direction, and oversight for the Purchasing Department. The Finance and Purchasing staffs ensure that financial, procurement and budgetary accountability are met for the entire organization.

The City of Victoria values financial transparency and accountability.

City of Victoria Buyout Program

The City of Victoria is participating in a Buyout Program through GrantWorks. The program targets Harvey-damaged homes in the floodplain, largely along the Guadalupe River floodway.

Find the guidelines for the Buyout Program, here.