Placido Benavides Design District

As defined by the proposed ordinance Section 21-120, the purpose of the proposed Placido Benavides Design District is to adopt standards which are intended to raise the level of quality of development within a specific area, as set forth by City Council. The regulations:

  • Foster a built environment of aesthetic and sustainable value
  • Enhance economic development efforts
  • Promote the designated areas unique character and natural environment
  • Ensure appropriate development as envisioned by the community through the adoption of the Comprehensive Plan

Placido Benavides Capital Improvement Project

Placido Benavides Capital Improvement ProjectThe Placido Benavides Drive Extension Project is a $9.2 million dollar project to extend Placido Benavides from where it currently stops, adjacent to Wal-Mart, to Salem Road. 

The 1.85 mile long road will be built as a two-lane concrete road up to the point where it intersects with Salem Road. Salem Road will also be rebuilt and widened from that point to Loop 463 in asphalt. 

The project also an 8 foot conjunctive use sidewalk as well as underground utilities, including water, sewer, and electric with LED streetlights.

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