Outside Assembly Permit

Outdoor Assembly Event 

An Operation Permit is required to conduct an outdoor assembly event where planned attendance exceeds 1,000 persons.  See Section 3106 and Section 403.11 of the 2021 International Fire Code (IFC) for additional requirements.  


   1.  Parades                                                                                                                                                                                                            2.  An athletic event in facilities designed for athletic events.                                                                                                                      3.  An event wholly contained on property specifically designed or suited for the event and which holds a certificate for                  such use includes adequate parking.

   Free access to the 2021 International Fire Code can be found at https://codes.iccsafe.org/content/IFC2021P1                               Free access to Municode can be found at  https://library.municode.com/tx/victoria/codes/code_of_ordinances


In order to obtain a permit, the following must be submitted:


  1. A complete and signed Operational Permit Application.
  2. A site plan indicating the location of the buildings, temporary special event structures, restrooms, temporary and permanent fences, mobile food preparation vehicles, generators, and tents that are 400 square feet or larger.  The site plan must also show the location of any fire hydrants, fire access roads and parking areas.  The drawing must be to scale, or if not drawn to scale, must show the width of the entrance and exit roads, and the width of any gates that would be used by emergency vehicles.  There can be no overhead obstructions lower than 13’6” across a road used by an emergency vehicle.  
  3. At the discretion of the Victoria Police Department, police officers may be required in accordance with section 403.11.2.  Contact the Victoria Police Department at 361-485-3700 or byanez@victoriatx.gov to determine if police officers are required.   
  4. At the discretion of the Fire Marshal, Fire Watch personnel may be required in accordance with Section 403.11.1.   
  5. At the discretion of the Fire Chief, fire suppression or EMS personnel may be required in accordance with Section 403.11.2.
  6. Crowd Managers shall be provided in accordance with Section 403.11.3.   Crowd manager training can be found at http://www.crowdmanagers.com
  7. A weather monitoring person may be needed, depending on the type of event and the weather forecast.   

If you have any questions, please contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at 361-485-3460 or at fmo@victoriatx.gov.  We will be happy to assist you in any way during the application process and during your event.  


Thank you for choosing Victoria, and we hope you have a safe and successful event.  

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