Police Patrol Zone Maps

The Victoria Police Department (VPD) has divided the city is divided into five patrol zones, with officers being assigned to each zone. This allows officers to concentrate on smaller areas, learn more about those areas, and decrease officer response time. 

VPD occasionally hosts a Community Forum or a series of Zone Meetings in which we encourage the community to come out and get to know their zone officers, members of the VPD Command Staff, and other community leaders.


  • Zone 100 Map (PDF) - On the south and southwest side of town, Zone 100 is bordered by Red River to the north and Laurent Street to the east - down to Port Lavaca Drive and then south of Port Lavaca Drive. This zone includes a portion of U.S. Highway 59 N and continues to the City Limits on the south side of town.
  • Zone 200 Map (PDF) - This zone is in central Victoria and on the west side of the city. Zone 200 is bordered by Mockingbird to the North down to Red River on the south. The west side of this zone is Riverside Park and the eastern border is Ben Jordan.
  • Zone 300 Map (PDF) - On the far north side of town is Zone 300 and encompasses a large business and residential segment of our community. The borders to the north, northeast and northwest are the City Limits. See the map regarding other borders toward the south which include Salem Road and Mockingbird Lane in certain areas.
  • Zone 400 Map (PDF) - This zone is also in central Victoria but to the east side of town. The northwest border is Salem Road and the border to the south is Houston Highway (up to Sam Houston) and then Red River Street The eastern border of Zone 400 is to the east of Zac Lentz Parkway. The western side of this zone is bounded by Sam Houston Drive (at Navarro) down to Ben Jordan where that street then becomes the western border.
  • Zone 500 Map (PDF) - On the south and southeast side of the city is Zone 500. The northern borders are Houston Highway (up to Sam Houston) and then Red River St. The southern border is U.S. Highway 59 N To the west and southwest side of zone 500 is Laurent St and Port Lavaca Drive See the map to get a better look.
All Police Patrol Zones Map